Statistics 2012

The following are statistics relating to awards, and delivery costs and savings from in 2012.

Awards Volumes and Values

In 2012, the Board made 10,136 Awards to the value of €217.94 million. An Award is the value of compensation payable to an individual in respect of a Personal Injury claim where liability is not disputed. It includes General Damages for pain and suffering caused by the injury both to date and into the future. An Award may also include Special Damages for financial loss both to date and into the future e.g. loss of wages, cost of medical care etc. The table below sets out the number and value of Awards made each year since 2006.

Awards Volumes and Values by year

YearNo. of AwardsValue of Awards

Awards by Claim category

The graph below shows that in 2012, 75% of all awards were in respect of Motor cases, while 8% related to Employer’s Liability and 17% related to Public Liability.

Breakdown of Awards by Claim Category 2012

Breakdown of total no. of Awards in 2012 by value and Claim Category

64% of Awards are under €20,000 and 91% are under €38,000 as per the table below. The profile of personal injury claims has remained relatively consistent since the Board became operational. Injuries sustained were and continue to be predominantly soft tissue or fractures, or a combination of both with associated compensation award levels of approximately 90% of such cases below €38,000 and two thirds below €20,000.

Breakdown of Total No. of Awards in 2012 (by Value and Claim Category)

Average Value Category (€'s)Motor LiabilityEmployer's LiabilityPublic LiabilityTotal

Value of Average Awards by Category

The graph below shows the average value of awards by each of the categories in 2012 i.e. Motor, Employer’s Liability and Public Liability. The average award of €21,502 in 2012 was marginally (0.76%) higher than in 2011. The volume of cases in each category can vary year to year reflecting changes in the economic environment and the flow of new claims. This, in turn, causes variations in the overall average award from year to year. Award levels have been relatively stable over the past 2 years.

During 2012, and in line with earlier years, awards in the Employer’s Liability category were highest at €27,286 reflecting the often more serious and complex nature of the injuries sustained in such accidents, Motor awards averaged €20,631 and Public Liability awards averaged €22,656. The figures below reflect the 10,136 Awards made of which 7,622 were Motor cases, 1,707 were Public Liability and 807 were Employer’s Liability cases.

Breakdown of Average Award Values by Claim Category 2012

Range of Awards – Highest/Lowest Awards 2012

The lowest and highest awards are shown below. The Board processes claims ranging from very low severity to very serious cases.

Highest Award 2012: €697,495

Lowest Award 2012: €66

Assessment Timeline is obliged, under the Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003, to assess claims within 9 months of the Respondent (those from whom compensation is sought) consenting to the Board’s process. The 2012 results for show that the average time to make an assessment was 7.2 months; this was achieved as a result of the Board’s continuing commitment to efficiency and on-going process review.

Compensation Timeline 2012

Cost Savings

In 2012, delivered the current level of compensation at a delivery cost of 8.7% as against 46% under the litigation system prior to the Board’s establishment, as identified in the Motor Insurance Advisory Board Report (2004). The Board’s delivery costs are not based on a percentage of the amount of the award but are predominantly fixed fees for Claimants (€45) and Respondents (€850*).

*€600 from 1/1/2013

In 2012, 6,124 awards were accepted by customers of resulting in €127.62 million of compensation. The relevant figures since 2007 are outlined in the table below. The volume of accepted awards is reasonably consistent over the past 6 years. The value of compensation is impacted by the mix of claims received i.e. whether Motor, Public place or workplace, in addition to the severity of the injuries and financial losses within each of these categories.

While the Board made 10,136 awards in 2012, for the purposes of calculating direct savings, the Board only include, in our evaluation, the awards which are accepted by both Claimants and Respondents.

Total Number and Value of Accepted Award

No. of Accepted Awards5,0005,6705,3875,0385,8756,124
Total Value of Accepted Awards€102m€131.34m€118.2m€108.24m€122.71m€127.62m

The table below shows the actual delivery costs of €11.47m and compares it to the estimated overhead cost of delivering the same award value under the litigation system (46%) i.e. €58.71m. The resulting savings are shown in the bottom row. Direct savings in 2012 were €47.24m. Delivery Costs and Estimated Cost Saving

Total Delivery Costs€7.4m€10.19m€10.3m€9.52m€10.68m€11.47m
Comparable Litigation Costs€47.15m€60.41m€54.4m€49.79m€56.45m€58.71m
Actual Savings
( Vs. Litigation System)