Health & Wellbeing Information

Accident Prevention

14September 2012

Our accident prevention guide is a brief overview on how to prevent an accident or indeed minimise the effects of an accident. We have outlined some pointers for you, which are by no means exhaustive. For further information we suggest that you contact the relevant authorities or agencies.

On the Road


Road traffic accidents are the source of 56% of all personal injury claim applications made to in 2007.

Here are just some of the tips and reminders from relevant experts which will make our roads safer for all. While these tips may not prevent an accident from occurring, should you have an accident, they should assist to minimise or prevent a resulting injury.

  • Always wear a safety belt.
  • Never drink & drive.
  • Slow down - adhere to speed limits and always drive at a speed suitable for the conditions at the time.
  • Avoid driver fatigue. If you are fatigued, park safely and rest.
  • Pedestrians should use footpaths where available and wear reflectors making them more visible, especially at night.
  • Cyclists and motor cyclists should wear protective clothing and helmets at all times.

Visit (Road Safety Authority) for further information

In the Workplace

Hard hat

Workplace accidents account for 18% of personal injury claim applications made to in 2007.

Many workplace accidents are preventable, particularly if people adhere to the rules and guidelines introduced by the Health and Safety Authority. Some simple policy changes would include:

  • Ensure that all staff and management receive the necessary health and safety training.
  • Regularly service and maintain any machinery and equipment in use. Ensure safety features are still present.
  • Provide all protective clothing and equipment that is required and check that it is properly utilised.
  • Supply work areas with first aid equipment.
  • Employees should follow all Health and Safety protocols.
  • All staff members should be encouraged to report potential workplace hazards.

Visit for further information

In Public


26% of all accidents reported to in 2007 were accidents in a public place.

While out and about we all have a responsibility to look after ourselves and others. We need to pay attention to our surroundings and avoid activities that may become a hazard. Safety tips include:

  • Remove tripping and/or falling hazards from public places.
  • Keep all animals under control.
  • Erect suitable fencing, cordoning off potentially dangerous areas.
  • Ensure adequate supervision of children in schools, crèches and all public places.